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Mega Pixel: Got Milk

2008-06-29 02:04:32 by BillSkelton

I finally finished Mega Pixel and I just uploading it to the portal like 2 minutes ago.

Man I really hope it goes well, I no longer find any of the jokes funny as I have gone through the timing of the thing so many times, plus lip synching. I've probably seen it over 100 times now.

But when I show it to people who haven't seen it before, they seem to find it funny.

Depending on the success, I will probably create another couple of episodes of this. It's been my dream for a while to have a successful series here at NG and I think this has potential to do so. I already have a couple of episode ideas up my sleve.

So, Happy viewing Newgrounds.


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2008-06-29 02:49:45

Just watched the video in the "Under Judgment" section. Looks to have great potential for an awesome new series so I hope you follow your dream and make something that is truly sweet!

Keep it up, man!


2008-06-29 08:14:53

Just saw it. Jokes could use a bit more polish but on the whole it was pretty good. Your camera work seems a bit crazy at times. I swear at one point you zoomed up on absolutely nothing just to return back to the original frame.

Still your next one will no doubt be better. G'luck ;)

BillSkelton responds:

Your probably references the mug shot.

James, the fat brown guy, has a cat, and he when they are talking about his cat mug, the camera zooms on it.


2011-03-09 21:02:59

dude where the fuck did you go?