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Bubbles For My Bubble Mind Bath! (woot)

2007-08-15 09:21:47 by BillSkelton

Well I submitted my latest work today, on Clock Day! I should have checked, its been bumped off the portal to be forgotten forever. Ah well, when I'm rich and famous it will be uncovered for all to see again so it doesn't really phase me.

Just so people just may see it here is a link to it; Bubbles.

So go and watch it, vote fair and ignore the crappy logo. Seriously why can't we use jPegs anymore? Anyone?

Also, I got my hands on the Castle Crashers demo at Federation Square in Melbourne. It's feeling really smooth guys, well done. Dan especially, the graphics are amazing.

Bubbles For My Bubble Mind Bath! (woot)


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2007-10-29 07:53:19

Stupid picture dude about a clock who has no powers,and 0.00 Health!