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Halloween Submission Development.

2007-09-25 09:31:28 by BillSkelton

Hey Newgrounds,

You know that feeling when you, after drawing images and writing and all that jazz finally put something together in the main timeline? Whoa, great feeling. I got really stuck into my Halloween special today, I've never submitted anything for a day at Newgrounds and I am looking forward to what it holds, I know I have to put in extra work if I want it to get noticed. I think the whole Newgrounds community comes out for these days and good work, allthough there are many moar (lol) submissions on the day, get viewed more than usual anyway.

So, get on Johnny Utahs Ass about Tankmen 2!

Also, post some comments and look at my junk-o-stunk and leave reviews.

Dance Dance Revolution.

Halloween Submission Development.


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2007-09-25 15:07:34

The art is great,
one thing I hate about the "days" is how less people review my movies,
in a odd way thats what I look forward to the most .

BillSkelton responds:

Yeah the score you get is so impersonal. 4/5, 3.86/5, they are just numbers. Actual critique is fantastic with the movies.

If yuo want a bunch of reviews, submit it on the 27th or 28th. You still can win but your submission wont get lost in the sea of 'ween submissions.


2007-10-29 07:52:13

Those Tankmen 1,Tankmen 1.5 and Tankmen 2 movies are way better than this picture from a 2.00 Scored movie


2007-10-29 07:57:16

Stupid Clock banner stop making fun of yourself looked by everyone like a dork.

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