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Halloween Development.

2007-10-24 05:13:24 by BillSkelton

Another Screenshot of Arnie in Action.

I am going to struggle to finish this on time, but hopefully it will not be a problem. I will probably work all tonight.

Please Comment on how you think the graphics look.

On another note frets on fire is awesome. Everyone should download it. Now.

And another note, does anyone know who won the tshirt design contest? Or hasnt it been annouced yet?

Halloween Development.


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2007-10-24 11:58:27

Nice screenshot, it's looking good, also the contest winners will be announced in a news post.


2007-10-29 07:50:22

And that Halloween at the Matrix s' is not even 1% matrix.You gotta work more sucka.

BillSkelton responds:

The characters name is John Matrix from the 80s action movie Commando.