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2007-12-21 22:37:03 by BillSkelton

I've started work on a new project, A completly new show with characters, scripts and funnies. It's quite ambitious but I will really take my time on this one. I've started work on the script and would say im about a third of the way done. I plan to finish the script, shoot out some scene images and then re write the script. Then probably re write it again. I'll attach a screenie when I'm done here.

As for voices I'm not sure if I'll do them myself or outsource them. I'm not keen on letting anyone I don't know do them as they could disapear or not work on time or whatever however I know if I do them myself it will comromise quality. I'd really love Andy Dennis to do them, he does the voices for Cuboy
and More Like Blue and the Edible Castle Series. If he were to work on it, that would be really cool. Unfortunately I dont have a finished script so he won't take me seriously yet. I'll contact him when I've finished.

In other news the JibJab guys have released there annual Year In Reveiw, its pretty awesome you should check it out.

Also why won't this writers strike end? I havent seen an episode of Conan for ages and it's getting on my nerves.

To view a bigger version of the screenie below in better quality, click here.

Oh, and Merry Chistmas.

Mega Pixel.


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2007-12-22 02:45:35

Looks awesome
I'd watch it


2007-12-27 09:42:05

hell yeah man! maybe i can make a song for it ^_^


2008-03-20 22:02:22

do u take acid?