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Mega Pixel: Got Milk

2008-06-29 02:04:32 by BillSkelton

I finally finished Mega Pixel and I just uploading it to the portal like 2 minutes ago.

Man I really hope it goes well, I no longer find any of the jokes funny as I have gone through the timing of the thing so many times, plus lip synching. I've probably seen it over 100 times now.

But when I show it to people who haven't seen it before, they seem to find it funny.

Depending on the success, I will probably create another couple of episodes of this. It's been my dream for a while to have a successful series here at NG and I think this has potential to do so. I already have a couple of episode ideas up my sleve.

So, Happy viewing Newgrounds.

New Animation.

2008-03-22 00:34:58 by BillSkelton

So I just finished and uploaded Big Big (no daily awards even though it had a better score than the daily 2nd) and I wanted to move onto something else.

So I toyed around in flash and got carried away and ended up with The Schrooms. Two new characters that are all drawn up and ready to go in an enviroment than needs a little bit of tweaking but not much. Anywhich way I sort of finished drawing everything and stared blankly at the screen and relised I had no story.

This usually doesn't deter me and I just animate an 8 bit scooter jumping around and put in text about racist Pianos but it doesn't seem to cut the kremlin anymore. Maybe I've matured as an artist, maybe I want some respect from the developer community or maybe I want my animations to be funnier. I don't want this to be a long drawn out project, I already have one of them on the fly (see my last news post) So I want to pull out the mike and just improvise some dialog, animate it and get this thing out within the week.

What do you all think? Anyone have any ideas or inspiration?

Also, Screenie! (this took me about 3 hours including animation prep)

New Animation.

Mega Pixel.

2007-12-21 22:37:03 by BillSkelton

I've started work on a new project, A completly new show with characters, scripts and funnies. It's quite ambitious but I will really take my time on this one. I've started work on the script and would say im about a third of the way done. I plan to finish the script, shoot out some scene images and then re write the script. Then probably re write it again. I'll attach a screenie when I'm done here.

As for voices I'm not sure if I'll do them myself or outsource them. I'm not keen on letting anyone I don't know do them as they could disapear or not work on time or whatever however I know if I do them myself it will comromise quality. I'd really love Andy Dennis to do them, he does the voices for Cuboy
and More Like Blue and the Edible Castle Series. If he were to work on it, that would be really cool. Unfortunately I dont have a finished script so he won't take me seriously yet. I'll contact him when I've finished.

In other news the JibJab guys have released there annual Year In Reveiw, its pretty awesome you should check it out.

Also why won't this writers strike end? I havent seen an episode of Conan for ages and it's getting on my nerves.

To view a bigger version of the screenie below in better quality, click here.

Oh, and Merry Chistmas.

Mega Pixel.


2007-12-13 20:33:35 by BillSkelton

I love the feeling of submitting a piece to the portal.

Click here to watch Silver Cat.



2007-12-09 03:47:37 by BillSkelton

Don't you hate it when you have something really cool but you know it isn't long enough?

At the moment I have a submission that is around just over a minute and I'm really struggling to find inspiration. Originally I had a plan that would catapault this thing to around 3 mins but now it just doesnt feel right. So my dilema is, which I think alot of people face is; should I submit now when i know its really cool or should i try and stretch it out and risk losing the something special that I had?


Fantastic Flash

2007-11-30 05:50:37 by BillSkelton

I recently found myself at the flashforward finalist page for 2007. I found this incredible flash it is brilliant and everyone should watch it.

Also, check this out, its a fake window, never feel closterphopic again!

As for me, I've been working on a flash myself, at the moment its about a minute long. It will be a fair bit longer than my usual work and I'm shooting for around 3 or 4 minutes. Its a surreal work that at the moment flows really well, here is a teaser pic.

Also available for your desktop!

800 by 600

1280 by 1024

1980 by 1080

Fantastic Flash

Didn't think I would finish it to be honest, but its here and a few days early!

I'm really stoked about how it turned out and I hope it doesnt offend anyone.

So check it out!

Halloween Submission Released!

Halloween Development.

2007-10-24 05:13:24 by BillSkelton

Another Screenshot of Arnie in Action.

I am going to struggle to finish this on time, but hopefully it will not be a problem. I will probably work all tonight.

Please Comment on how you think the graphics look.

On another note frets on fire is awesome. Everyone should download it. Now.

And another note, does anyone know who won the tshirt design contest? Or hasnt it been annouced yet?

Halloween Development.

Halloween Submission Development.

2007-09-25 09:31:28 by BillSkelton

Hey Newgrounds,

You know that feeling when you, after drawing images and writing and all that jazz finally put something together in the main timeline? Whoa, great feeling. I got really stuck into my Halloween special today, I've never submitted anything for a day at Newgrounds and I am looking forward to what it holds, I know I have to put in extra work if I want it to get noticed. I think the whole Newgrounds community comes out for these days and good work, allthough there are many moar (lol) submissions on the day, get viewed more than usual anyway.

So, get on Johnny Utahs Ass about Tankmen 2!

Also, post some comments and look at my junk-o-stunk and leave reviews.

Dance Dance Revolution.

Halloween Submission Development.

Bubbles For My Bubble Mind Bath! (woot)

2007-08-15 09:21:47 by BillSkelton

Well I submitted my latest work today, on Clock Day! I should have checked, its been bumped off the portal to be forgotten forever. Ah well, when I'm rich and famous it will be uncovered for all to see again so it doesn't really phase me.

Just so people just may see it here is a link to it; Bubbles.

So go and watch it, vote fair and ignore the crappy logo. Seriously why can't we use jPegs anymore? Anyone?

Also, I got my hands on the Castle Crashers demo at Federation Square in Melbourne. It's feeling really smooth guys, well done. Dan especially, the graphics are amazing.

Bubbles For My Bubble Mind Bath! (woot)